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“The Three Powers is an uplifting and inspirational children’s book that conveys the magnificence that all children possess. It teaches kids to love and believe in themselves, no matter what challenges they may encounter in their lives. It’s a great tool to build self-esteem for any young child who has ever experienced the challenge of bullying.”

Dr. Joe Rubino

"The Three Powers inspires children to get excited about their ability to create their experiences. It introduces how children can create positive affirming beliefs that lead to understanding how to cope emotionally to life's challenges. The Three Powers is a wonderful, inspiring and insightful journey into the power of love, faith and gratitude through the eyes of a child."

Melinda Asztalos, Life Positive By Design

The Three Powers Book
- English Version $15.97 US Dollars

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Libro Los Tres Poderes
- Versión en Español $15.97 US Dollars

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Our Mission

One million of SELF-CONFINDENT & HAPPY KIDS (and families) around the world. Help me to put The Three Powers book into the hands of every child all over the world and teach them the magic to love themselves and how to use their own powers to make good friends and be happy.